iPod Video Hard Drive Repair

ipod video hard drive repair

iPod Video Hard Drive

You Fix We Fix
Includes: Part + Pry tool Part + Installation
Warranty: 3 Months 3 Months
Condition: Used, Tested Used, Tested

Signs of a faulty iPod Video hard drive include: hard disk clicking/skipping/freezing, sad face error message, iTunes corrupt warnings, or refusal to boot up. Our replacement hard drives are designed to fix every 5th and v5.5 generation iPod Video (A1136) and includes the part + free Pry tool. P/N: 30GB (MK3008GAL – HS030GA – HDD1642), 60GB (MK6008GAH – HS06THB – MK6028GAL – HDD1724), 80GB (MK8010GAH – MK8009GAH), 240GB (MK2431GAH)


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