iPod Battery Replacement

7th Gen iPod Classic Battery Replacement

ipod classic battery replacement
7th Generation
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

6th Gen iPod Classic Battery Replacement

ipod classic battery replacement
6th Generation
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

5th Gen iPod Video Battery Replacement

ipod video battery replacement
5th Generation
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

iPod Photo Battery Replacement

ipod photo battery replacement
iPod Photo
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

4th Gen iPod Classic Battery Replacement

ipod 4g battery replacement
4th Generation
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

3rd Gen iPod Classic Battery Replacement

ipod 3g battery replacement
3rd Generation
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

2nd Gen iPod Mini Battery Replacement

ipod 2nd gen mini battery replacement
2nd Generation
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

1st Gen iPod Mini Battery Replacement

ipod 1st gen mini battery replacement
1st Generation
You Fix – $12.95

We Fix – $19.95

iPod Touch Battery Replacement

ipod touch battery replacement
iPod Touch
You Fix – $12.95

iPod Nano Battery Replacement

ipod nano battery replacement
iPod Nano
You Fix – $12.95

iPod battery repair kits & services

Supercharge your iPod with one of our replacement batteries. Our catalog features an extensive selection of iPod batteries designed to give your iPod a boost of new power, allowing you to enjoy longer playback with less charging.

If you are looking for the best quality at the lowest price, you’ve found the right place. We purchase and maintain a huge inventory of replacement parts for the Apple iPod, and since we buy our stock in large quantities, this allows us to pass major savings on to you.

We can restore your iPod’s original battery, or dramatically improve your iPod battery life with one of our extended capacity upgrades! Replacing the battery is an inexpensive way of enhancing the performance of your iPod while also increasing the resale value of the device.

Signs of a failing iPod battery include:

✓ iPod battery won’t charge
✓ iPod isn’t holding a charge for very long
✓ iPod dies immediately after removing it from the charger
✓ iPod battery is draining fast
✓ iPod battery drains when not in use
✓ iPod battery expanding or is swollen
✓ …and many other issues

Regardless of the issue, we fix iPod battery problems of all types and offer two easy and convenient options. The first option is our do-it-yourself kit and includes the parts and repair tool. The second option is our mail-in service which includes all parts and labor. Ship us your iPod and we will take care of it all.

Option 1 – Our do-it-yourself kit (you fix)

Do you already know how to replace your iPod’s battery? If so, this is a great way to save a few bucks. Grab a do-it-yourself repair kit and inside your package will include the replacement part plus a special pry tool that’s been designed for quicker and easier opening of your iPod, resulting in a more successful and pleasant experience.

Option 2 – Our mail-in service (we fix)

Are you unsure how to open your iPod, or how to replace the battery? No problem, let us handle the repair! Our iPod battery replacement service is here to take away the stress and risk of performing the repair yourself. The process is safe and as easy as 1-2-3. Simply place your order, ship us your iPod, and we’ll take care of the rest. Click here for mailing instructions

Would you like to get started for free? If so, let us perform our free diagnostic service prior to repair. We will evaluate your iPod for various problems and provide you with a completely risk-free repair quote.  Click here to claim your free iPod repair quote


Don’t take chances with aftermarket parts. Aside from inferior performance, these cheap imitations will expose your iPod to a high risk of future issues! Buy from us and you will receive genuine 100% factory original Apple iPod replacement parts from a trusted name.

It is important to note that the process of replacing your iPod’s battery can be risky and very challenging, so proceed only after you have prepared accordingly.

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