iPad Battery Replacement

Inside Apple’s iPad is a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery designed for long playback (approximately 10 hours per charge). Exposure to heat, improper maintenance and/or a lack of optimization can impact the iPad’s battery quite negatively by yielding a variety of issues such as an inadequate battery life or a refusal to maintain proper charge.

We offer two flexible iPad battery replacement options for most models: Do-It-Yourself Kit (You Fix) and Mail-In Service (We Fix). Choose your device to see our selection of great deals.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini Battery Repair We Fix – $109.95

iPad 4

iPad 4 Battery Repair We Fix – $129.95

iPad 3

iPad 3 Battery Repair We Fix – $99.95

iPad 2

iPad 2 Battery Repair We Fix – $89.95

iPad 1

iPad 1 Battery Repair We Fix – $79.95

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