Testing Your iPod’s Battery Life

How to test your iPod battery life

In order to test your iPod battery life, follow the instructions below:

  1. Stop all running applications
  2. Charge your iPod to its full capacity by using an iPod battery charger
  3. Open iTunes
  4. Insert audio CD and create an album using the MP3 encoder at 160kbps
  5. Eject iPod
  6. Connect headphones and choose ?Settings? from main menu
  7. Set ?Repeat? to ?All?
  8. Set ?Backlight? to ?Off? (Turn off ?Auto-Brightness? on iPod Touch models)
  9. Set ?EQ? to ?Off?
  10. Play any song from the album imported and set the volume to mid-range audio level
  11. Take note of the iPod?s exact starting time and dying time
  12. Compare your results (music playback, video playback) with your iPod playback model listed below:

iPod Touch 4G (40hrs, 7hrs) iPod Touch 3G (30hrs, 6hrs) iPod Touch 2G (36hrs, 6hrs) iPod Touch 1G (22hrs, 5hrs) iPod Nano 6G (24hrs) iPod Nano 5G (24hrs, 5hrs) iPod Nano 4G (24hrs, 4hrs) iPod Nano 3G (24hrs, 5hrs) iPod Nano 2G (24hrs, 5hrs) iPod Nano 1G (14hrs, 4hrs) iPod Classic 7G (36hrs, 6hrs) iPod Classic 6G (30hrs, 5hrs) iPod Video 60/80GB (20hrs, 6hrs) iPod Video 30GB (14hrs, 3hrs) iPod Photo (15hrs) iPod Mini 2G (18hrs) iPod Mini 1G (8hrs) iPod 4th Gen (12hrs) iPod 3rd Gen (8hrs)

For more details, see our iPod battery replacement page

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