Replacing Your iPod Screen

How to replace an iPod screen

Replacing an iPod screen can be as tough as you make it. If you?re careful and follow directions, the repair process should go smoothly with little to no difficulties.

  1. Take the plastic Pry tool, insert them into the backplate and carefully slide them up and down to separate the faceplate from the backplate.
  2. Lift the hard drive carefully upward to unlatch the headphone jack cable from the logic board and remove the rubber spacers as well.
  3. Unlatch the hard drive from the cable and unscrew the 6 black screws spaced evenly on each side of the frame of the faceplate.
  4. Pry the plastic faceplate off the metal frame and carefully unlatch the cable from the logic board.
  5. Remove the damaged screen and replace with working iPod screen.
  6. Reassemble and snap case shut. You?re done!

Level of Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (Varies)
Parts Recommended: (1) iPod screen
Tools Recommended: (2) plastic Pry tool [included] + (1) phillips head #00 screwdriver

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