How To Replace Battery In iPod

How to replace an iPod battery

With any repair, prior knowledge of the operation is important to the success of your attempt. iPod battery replacement is no exception, which is why we?ll quickly explain how to change an iPod battery. This repair is as difficult as you make it so exercise caution and be careful during every step.

  1. Insert Pry tool and carefully separate the front of the iPod from the back by sliding the tools firm up and down the iPod?s casing.
  2. Unscrew each tiny screw and carefully pry the logic board from the faceplate.
  3. Remove the battery and install the replacement part.
  4. Reassemble everything and snap the case shut. You?re done!
  5. Because it?s hazardous, be sure to properly dispose of your old battery or ship it to us for free disposal

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