Shipping Box & Prepaid Postage Label

shipping box

Box & Shipping Label

Would you like us to provide you with a suitable box and prepaid postage label for your damaged device? If so, just place your order and we’ll send you a corrugated box mailer (adequate for 1 device) + an adhesive USPS prepaid label.

The cost is only $5.75 and it’s as simple as 1-2-3…

1) Allow box/label to arrive
2) Insert your device inside, then affix the label to the outer box
3) Drop the package into your mailbox and the carrier will take care of the rest


  • repair
  • screen repair
  • battery repair
  • back cover repair
  • headphone jack repair
  • hard drive repair
  • click wheel repair
  • logic board repair
  • home button repair
  • dock connector repair
  • camera repair
  • antenna repair

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