About us

Our Beginning

iMods was established in 2006 and we quickly became well known for our iPod hard drive repair service that gained enormous popularity on eBay. At that time, Apple’s 4th generation iPod was still quite popular and very expensive, so our $39 service became an immediate success. With our knowledge and tools, we are able to fix almost every 4th generation iPod hard drive without replacing any parts. As a special bonus, during the process, we are also able to retrieve all of the iPod’s data, so, our customers become overjoyed to discover that their iPod is working again and with all of its lost songs fully restored. The great success of this service allowed us to grow into the premier source of iPod parts and services that you know today.

Our Experience

Being one of the first (and now last) providers of iPod repair services and modifications, iMods is a trusted pioneer of the industry with nearly two decades of experience. We have encountered every type of damage imaginable, including faulty batteries, cracked screens, failing hard drives, water damage, and everything in between. Whether it’s the earliest or latest model, we’ve seen and fixed it all.

Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at iMods and we take it seriously. We aim to please and are not happy unless you are happy, which is why we strive to provide the best value in the industry by combining the highest quality and lowest price with the most professional service and knowledgeable support, and we back it all up with a one year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Why Choose Us

Choosing iMods for your iPod repair is the best decision you can make and three primary reasons include: Quality, Price, and Selection.

Quality is the most important factor when choosing replacement parts. Aside from inferior performance, low quality parts break more frequently and much sooner than factory original parts, which is why you should always use only the best parts in order to minimize further damage of the iPod while also avoiding future issues. Our catalog consists almost entirely of 100% authentic Apple parts scavenged from original iPods.

We purchase and maintain a huge inventory of original Apple iPod parts of all generations, allowing us to pass major savings on to you. We offer an extensive selection of parts and custom upgrades, including very rare and hard to find replacements, so buy with confidence knowing that we’ve got you covered with the highest quality parts at the lowest price, guaranteed!

100% Genuine Apple
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