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    Screen Repair

    A damaged screen is often the result of a bump, hard drop, or deep impact.  Signs of a broken screen include a cracked glass, busted LCD display, dim backlight, or dead pixels.  See our selection of screen repairs.

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    Battery Replacement

    Is your battery life noticeably shorter than it once was?  Does your device refuse to charge or no longer retain adequate power? These are common symptoms of a failing battery. See our selection of battery repairs.

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    Back Cover Replacement

    Is your rear housing plagued by scratches, dents, warps, or unwanted engravings?  Issues such as these are common causes for replacement of the device's backplate. See our selection of back cover repairs.

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    Headphone Jack Repair

    The headphone jack often fails due to excessive usage, corrosion damage, or debris blockage.  Resulting symptoms include: sound in one ear, static output, or no audio at all. See our selection of audio jack repairs.

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    Logic Board Repair

    Failure of the logic board can often be attributed to liquid spills, prolonged exposure to heat, or electrical power surges.  As a result, the device usually becomes unresponsive or completely dead.

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    Hard Drive Replacement

    If your device suffers from hard drive malfunctions, it can produce unusual clicking sounds or displays a sad face error, red x warning, or iTunes corrupt messages. See our selection of replacement hard drives.

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    Dock Connector Repair

    When your device refuses to connect to your computer or becomes undetectable through the charging port, this normally signifies damages to the dock connector. See our selection of charging dock repairs.

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    Click Wheel Repair

    The click wheel is responsible for scrolling and click button functionality, so when this component becomes faulty, it's quickly noticeable and impairs total control of the device. See our selection of click wheel repairs.

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  • Screen Repair
  • Battery Repair
  • Back Cover Repair
  • Headphone Jack Repair
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Hard Drive Repair
  • Dock Connector Repair
  • Click Wheel Repair


We carry only top grade OEM parts guaranteed to ensure optimal functionality.  This minimizes the risk of future failures and alleviates the worries and hassles of low quality components.


We show confidence in our superior parts and professional repairs by backing up nearly every part and service on our website with an unbeatable 12 month warranty!  


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our parts.  If you are dissatisfied with the quality, just return the item within 30 days for a full refund.


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  • iPhone Repair

    iPhone Parts & Repair

    Introduced in 2007, the iPhone is Apple's revolutionary iOS driven line of smartphones.  Common iPhone failures include a shattered glass, dented back cover, water damage, and faulty batteries.

  • iPod Repair

    iPod Parts & Repair

    The iPod's debut in 2001 marks the start of Apple's innovative line of portable media players largely credited for the evolution of pocket-sized gadgetry.  Signs of damage include a broken screen, low battery life, hard drive failure, and click wheel malfunctions.

  • iPod Touch Repair

    iTouch Parts & Repair

    The  iPod Touch utilizes Apple's iOS interface and shares many features of the iPhone minus the calling capabilities.  Common signs of breakage include a cracked screen, battery failure, liquid exposure, and faulty headphone jack.

  • iPad Repair

    iPad Parts & Repair

    Originally released in 2010, the iPad is Apple's groundbreaking tablet computer garnering acclaim for its role in the advancement of portable technology.  Symptoms of damage include a busted screen, undetectable wi-fi antenna, broken dock connector, and stuck home button.

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